Full GPS Features

We are more than just a dashcam with full GPS location reporting, speeding / braking alerts and geofencing in addition to video

Record Accident Footage

Review accident footage immediately after it happens which can be used as evidence in conflicting reports of road events.

Prevent Distracted Driving

 Reduce motor vehicle risks by visually verifying your drivers are wearing their seat belt and keeping their eyes on the road.

Where Video Meets GPS Fleet Management

HD Fleet’s 720p incident cameras feature a tamper-resistant design and come standard with 3G connectivity, unlimited footage storage via our cloud and live GPS tracking & driver behavior reports.

Easy Installation

Cameras fit securely on the dashboard or windshield

Audio Recording

Capture audio recordings / evidence of the cab interior

Lock and Key

SD card is encrypted and
under locked cover

Panic Button

Used to mark important footage during an emergency


Why Settle for Just Dots on a Map? 
Add a New Dimension to Your Fleet Management

Regular GPS data by itself can only tell you so much, but when you incorporate live driver footage into your operations you can have total control of your fleet like never before.

Improve Safety with Driver Snapshots

Take real-time photos of your drivers to visually confirm they are following proper road safety protocols.

  • Verify your drivers are not texting while driving the vehicle

  • Verify your drivers are continuously focused on the road

  • Verify your drivers are wearing their seat belts at all times

  • Verify your drivers have both hands on the steering wheel


Did you know car drivers are at fault in 81% of commercial truck-related crashes? Yet truck drivers are generally held liable for damages!

The average car accident lawsuit can cost your fleet up to $100,000 if you are found liable. HAVING VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE INCIDENT can help protect your business against injury claims such as:

Integrate Our Cameras with Your Current GPS Provider

HD Fleet’s API can be seamlessly integrated into your existing GPS software. Combining our video telematics with ELDs, IFTA tax and dispatching capabilities can provide a single platform for all your GPS tracking needs.


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