Dash Cam with GPS Tracking for a Safer and More Productive Fleet

NOT JUST A DASHCAM! HD Fleet’s GPS Tracking Cameras give you an unparalleled view into your fleet.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Cameras

Exonerate Your Drivers

Review accident footage immediately after it happens which can be used as evidence in conflicting reports of road events.

Dashcam Cameras

Prevent Distracted Driving

 Reduce motor vehicle risks by visually confirming your drivers are wearing their seat belt and keeping their eyes on the road.

Dashcam Safety Camera

Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Our fleet dash cams feature reporting, speeding / braking alerts and geofencing in addition to video

Always be a Few Clicks Away from Your Driver Footage

Use driver footage and GPS reporting for actionable insight to your fleet. With our simple and intuitive interface, you can access video stored on our cloud servers relating to concerning driver alerts (hard braking, speeding, and shock absorptions) and coach your drivers to modify their driving behaviors accordingly.