5 Benefits of a Live Streaming
Fleet Dash Cam

    by Richard Higgs, May 13th, 2022

Live streaming dash cams are a valuable addition to any fleet of vehicles. With so many hazards look out for on the road, real-time video provides safety and security for companies once thought impossible.

Why You Need a Live Streaming Dash Cam

There’s a myriad of reasons so many fleet managers are turning to dash cams with live-streaming functionality — let’s take a look at a few.

Live Streaming Truck Accident

1. Irrefutable Evidence

Unfortunately, false insurance claims happen. Your business could be held liable for damages that never occurred—costing  time, effort, and of course, money. Because dealing with accident fault is such a notoriously sordid process it’s not a stretch to imagine it happening to you. But with live streaming dash cams, this possibility is entirely eliminated. Any accident footage comes to you literally in the moment, negating any possibility of unfair play. Insurance companies will thank you.

Fleet Manager Using Live Streaming

2. Remote Training Opportunities

One of the most prominent aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the explosion of remote working. It stands to reason. Remote procedures promote health, are cost effective, and of course allows for the work to be done anywhere there’s an internet connection.

For fleet managers it can be especially useful in those times when they need to be ‘two places at once.’ With live streaming dash cams, managers can virtually train several new drivers through their live video feed  with the same results as time-consuming in-person sessions—all with a few simple clicks.

Phone GPS App

3. Check-ins

More tenured drivers not actively involved in training can still benefit from continued training or regular check-ins. Live video streams of your fleet means there’s always a chance to see how your “A” grade crew is doing, both inside the cab and out. It’ll keep your workers focused and on track and it’ll give you true peace of mind, offering the best of both worlds.

Analytics Interface

4. Track Stats and Behaviors

In so many businesses, the path to progression lies in proper data-tracking and analytics. It’s how a business stays competitive in a dense and crowded landscape. With live video at your fingerprints, fleet managers can easily see what works and what doesn’t, and track or test new initiatives with ease. Ultimately, what you get it a much- improved workflow and a boost to the bottom line.