5 Ways Distracted Driving Cameras Improve Fleet Management

    by Richard Higgs, June 21st, 2022

Fleet management is complicated, both technically and interpersonally. It can be difficult to ensure driver safety among your fleet—especially with the multitude of modern distractions that can take a driver’s attention away from the road (i.e. texting while driving). As such, fleet management professionals are constantly looking for ways to help their drivers properly maintain themselves as effectively as possible.

One new way to safeguard against these risks is with the use of distracted driving cameras — an in-vehicle system dedicated to improving fleet safety by detecting dangerous driver distractions combined with real-time video feed offerings . Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits distracted driving cameras can offer your fleet.

Driver Texting While Driving

Driver Alerts Help Fleet Management at the Point-of-Problem

Texting on the road is an epidemic among drivers, with over 400 fatalities a year as a result. It’s imperative your fleet drivers do not contribute to this statistic. Thankfully distracted driving cameras can help solve or prevent the problem before it occurs.

Here is how: driver behavior alerts can be set to trigger when the in-vehicle device senses both drowsy driving and texting while driving. When these driving violations happen, you will be notified of the event along with driver footage to review.

While it is impossible to eliminate distraction entirely, distracted driving technology can help you combat these challenges in a more comprehensive and direct way. Plus, accumulating these types of driver behavior alerts can offer invaluable data and analytics that will shed light on trends within your fleet.

Distracted Driving Alerts

Distracted Driving Cameras Demand Accountability and Improve Driver Safety

With distracted driving cameras in place, drivers will be given an incentive to operate their vehicles responsibly. It’s a bit like having a fleet manager in the vehicle at all times — with a ‘passenger’ riding along, it’s more likely a driver will follow proper safety protocols and engage in less dangerous driving behaviors in the first place.

Fleet managers can further improve driver safety by offering rewards for good driving practices, such as monthly bonuses to the drivers with the least amount of distracted driving violations. These types of driver reward programs can go a long way in encouraging your drivers to be on their best behavior while on the road.

Driver Falling Asleep

Footage can be a driver safety learning resource

With both live-streaming and the ability to download recorded driver video, the footage from your cameras can be an excellent training resource. Using your own road footage of distracted driving (or exemplary driving) can have a more personal impact on your fleet since it’s YOUR drivers in the spotlight.

Traffic Light Accident

Distracted Driving Cameras are a Form of Liability Insurance

Insurance claims can be a very messy process. Many accident collision settlements are left to witness statements which are oftentimes unreliable or flat out wrong. With a shocking number multi-million dollar “nuclear verdicts” hitting fleets across America, businesses simply cannot afford to pay those exorbitant fees as the result of an unfair judgement.

The only way to properly combat against false claims is with irrefutable proof, and driving cameras DO NOT LIE. With distraction detection, fleet managers can quickly and definitively find out who was (or who was not) texting, calling, or keeping their eyes on the road—especially in the case of accidents collisions.

Tracking Application Driver Footage

Quick Notification Improves Problem Response

Distracted driving cameras can notify fleet management of potential driver issues or accidents almost immediately. Real-time accident detection and panic button alerts allow for fast reaction time and problem-solving, which is vital to reducing disruption of your fleet operations.

Having live-stream or on-demand video of your fleet’s activity offers true peace of mind that will never leave you in the dark.

A Final Word

Maintaining safety and security is one of the most important aspects of a fleet manager’s job, not to mention one of the most challenging. Distracted driving cameras offer real-time monitoring solutions to proactively AND reactively counter the modern road risks facing drivers today.

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