Asset Tracking

Hard-Wired and Battery-Powered Trackers for Asset Management


Asset Tracking System HD Fleet

Protect Your On-Site Equipment

Asset tracking reliably monitors your truck trailers, valuable construction equipment and other powered / non-powered assets with HD Fleet’s satellite trackers.

Smart Management of Fixed / Mobile Assets

  • 1, 4, 8, and 24-hour location updates

  • Low battery warning indicator

  • In-motion detection w/ text and email notification

Asset Tracking Offers Full Service Visibility

When it comes to completing your projects on time and on budget, fleet and asset managers juggle a lot of details. Heavy equipment, tools, attachments and material have to be coordinated. If anything is late, misplaced or not usable, the project suffers along with your company’s profits and reputation.

HD Fleet is your asset tracking partner. Asset tracking monitors and reports the location of physical assets 24/7. When you’re operating diverse fleets of movable and fixed assets across multiple job sites, it’s important to know where everything is at any given time. Our equipment tracking devices help you track and control the entire inventory you need to build projects and stay on schedule and budget.

Profitability requires you to make smart decisions about asset deployment, production health and maintenance. With real-time information wirelessly reporting from the field, HD Fleet’s asset tracking solutions can give you eyes in the office and on multiple job sites at the same time.


Superior Satellite Coverage Across the Entire U.S.

HD Fleet’s asset trackers operate on one of the most reliable and fastest satellite networks in the world so you get consistent coverage and response for your assets at all times

asset tracking HD Fleet

Make Every Job Efficient with Asset Tracking Solutions

When you have asset tracking solutions from HD Fleet, you will see you have a powerful knowledge tool that will up productivity and lower costs. Features like GPS-based location tracking, custom reports on asset utilization and history trails recording the evolution of your equipment will drive savings and efficiency. Detailed services and maintenance modules can ensure that your business has lowered costs, improved returns on investment, and increased operational workflows.

When you make use of an asset tracking system, you will see tangible benefits such as:

  • Cost savings

  • Theft protection

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Health and safety compliance

  • The right assets are in the right place

  • Correct tool and equipment stock levels

  • Prevention of equipment malfunction

We Track Small and Large Assets Across a Variety of Industries

Our asset trackers are a practical solution for companies looking for operating efficiency and security. Whether you are looking to monitor bulk containers, vehicles, boats and more, our trackers are a flexible fit that cater to your specific needs.

Asset Tracking Solutions HD Fleet

Low Maintenance, Low-Cost  Solar-Powered Trackers Available

Solar-powered trackers are a cost-effective, low maintenance solution that provides the same quality tracking with up to 10 years of battery life


HD Fleet is Your Asset Tracking Partner

HD fleet’s Asset tracking system helps you leverage your assets so your business can reach new heights. Theft, budgeting, scheduling and compliance are just some of the many problems the construction industry regularly faces.

The inability to manage risks effectively, and poor compliance with safety standards often come because of ineffectual planning or limited foresight. Asset tracking solutions can help your business tackle each of these problems. You can also increase equipment ROI, raise employee accountability, minimize damage, and improve the operational efficiency of your organization.

Implementing GPS tracking devices to track construction assets makes management easier and can offer a greater depth of data and security than barcodes and RFID tags. Through the simple and quick installation of small, mountable asset-tracking hardware, construction companies can easily monitor and track equipment via a laptop or mobile device. Some of the benefits include:

Benefits Include:

  • Consolidation. All of your equipment data is in one place.

  • Utilization. Make your assets work harder with specialized reports.

  • Maintenance. Keep your most important assets healthy

  • Overhead. Reduce operating costs.

  • Profits. Improve the bidding process.


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The right asset tracking solutions will make sure your jobs can run more efficiently. HD Fleet has extensive experience helping businesses in construction, transport, farming and more improve productivity, safety and security both on the job site and on the road. Asset tracking from HD Fleet allows you to better monitor heavy equipment, improve asset utilization, manage costs and reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized usage.

Full visibility of your construction assets should always be a primary concern for any business owner. Whether you need to keep track of your equipment across multiple sites or protect your investments from theft, keeping your operations running will ensure productivity and prevent downtime. With easy installation, weatherproof design and one of the fastest satellite networks in the world, HD Fleet’s asset trackers give you the competitive edge in today’s global market.

Call us today at (833) 433-5338 so we can provide you with a free assessment of your business’s unique monitoring needs. We will find the solution that is just right for you so you can proactively monitor your remote assets with ease and let your company thrive.


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