Benefits of Camera Tracking Systems

Lower your insurance premiums and run a safer fleet with GPS tracking cameras. Work with video footage and snapshots in conjunction with GPS data for complete fleet management.


The New Era of Fleet Management Has Arrived with GPS Cameras

GPS cameras can help you run a safer, more efficient fleet as well as protect you against false / exaggerated accident claims and increasing insurance costs by having video evidence on hand.

Improved Safety and Reduced Risk with GPS Cameras

The safety of your drivers is as important as anyone else’s on the road. HD Fleet’s camera tracking systems let you observe your drivers in real-time as well as review footage history of their previous trips so you can make sure they are following the rules of the road.

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Lower Insurance Premiums up to 10%

Insurance claims can be picked up and sorted out faster with video evidence on hand (whether it’s your fault or not), which in turn makes the process CHEAPER to resolve. The lower the claim cost, the less of an impact it will have on your insurance renewal / loss ratio.


Traditional GPS Benefits with HD Fleet

HD Fleet’s cameras provide all the GPS benefits that can improve your daily workforce operations which is why WE ARE NOT JUST A DASHCAM.

Improve Delivery Time

Time is money, and with GPS you can optimize routes and make more deliveries in a day

Modify Driver Behavior

Curb bad driving habits by monitoring speeding, hard brake and hard turn alerts

Reduce Fuel Costs

Eliminate idling engines and unauthorized side trips entirely that consume gas

Integrate Other Services

Use our API Key to integrate other GPS services such as IFTA tax, ELD and more

Warning! This Video is Not for the
Faint of Heart!

Did you know company trucks are one of TOP 10 most stolen vehicles in the U.S.? HD Fleet’s GPS cameras have caught numerous thefts on video and saved fleet managers countless dollars in lawsuits, damages and accountability. Click play and buckle up tight to see some of our most shocking footage yet.


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