City Services

Visually monitor drivers, provide faster customer response times and improve productivity with GPS cameras


Full Visibility for Your Utility Fleet with Video Telematics

HD Fleet’s GPS cameras are used by gas, power and electric companies across the nation to identify and report vital fleet information using real-time driver footage and traditional GPS reporting.

Evolved Fleet Management Solutions

  • Interior cab cameras show if your drivers are breaking safety protocols such as texting while driving, not keeping both hands on the steering wheel or falling asleep while operating the vehicle

  • Exterior road facing cameras can record the events of an accident and exonerate your business and drivers from costly legal fees

  • GPS features like route optimization can help you reach customers faster and improve your business’s overall reputation through social media and other review mediums


Minimize Operating Expenses as You Grow Your Fleet with GPS Cameras

As your company grows and expands with the help of GPS cameras, so will the demands of maintaining your reputation with customers and operating at maximum fleet efficiency. HD Fleet’s GPS dashcams can help you overcome the growing pains associated with a thriving fleet by cutting down or eliminating unnecessary costs such as excessive fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance and accident-related injury claims

Online Reputation is EVERYTHING. Run a Safer Fleet with GPS Cameras

In the age of social media, even just ONE ACCIDENT where you were at fault can sink your fleet. Word can spread like wildfire and taint your brand beyond repair, which is why it is imperative to train your drivers in accident avoidance.

GPS Camera Safety Features

We Also Offer Asset Tracking

If you are a utility fleet with heavy equipment to track, we offer battery and solar-powered asset solutions with satellite tracking capabilities


No Contract Solutions for City Services

HD Fleet has both month-to-month plans as well as leasing plans for city service fleets. Reseller options also available


Simple and Intuitive Camera Tracking Application

Our GPS cameras were designed so you can access your driver footage with a few simple clicks. Anytime there is a shock absorption to the camera unit itself you will be notified so you can instantly log in and see if an accident occurred or not.

Our user-friendly interface also features an action dashboard so you can get an overall view of your fleet’s activity along with recent snapshots / footage for easy viewing. View your vehicles’ status in real-time to see if they are moving, idling, or completely stopped along with the ability to live stream your driver’s trip.

Below are a few snapshots of our application:

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


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