Dashboard Help Page

With the HD Fleet Dashboard, your fleet’s overall statistics are represented by graphical charts and updated in real-time.  You can also generate the same data for individual vehicles using the side menu options.

2. Generating a Report

First, open up the side menu by clicking the “>>” icon in the middle-left of the screen. Then, choose a date range you want to generate reports for.

Next, choose a fleet (group of vehicles) under the ‘Fleets’ tab or individual vehicles under the ‘Vehicles’ tab and the graphical charts will automatically update to the criteria you set.

3. Changing Data Chart View

You can switch between Bar Chart form and Pie Chart form for each statistic by clicking on the respective icon in the upper-right hand corner of each window.

4. Removing a Vehicle / Driver from the View

If you want to remove a variable from the data, simply click on the vehicle / driver

5. Different Statistic Types

Below are the different types of data you can see for your fleet:

1. Headliner Icons

The top level icons of the dashboard give you an overall summary of your fleet’s vehicles and driver events including:

Active Vehicles

Shows how many of your vehicles are currently in motion

Inactive Vehicles

Shows how many of your vehicles have the ignition turned off

Inactive Vehicles

Shows how many of your vehicles are currently idling

Inactive Vehicles

Shows the total mileage of your fleet for the selected date range

Panic Button

Shows how many times the panic button was hit for the date range

Driving Events

Shows how many shock alerts were set off for the selected date range

Power Disconnects

Shows the number of camera disconnects over the selected date range