Distracted Driving Cameras from HD Fleet

Avoid costly accidents and lawsuits with Distracted Driving Cameras from HD Fleet. Our dash cams help you run a safer fleet by detecting drowsy driving and texting while driving – the no. 1 most preventable cause of road accidents today.


Keep Your Drivers’ Eyes Where They Belong – On the Road

Greatly reduce accident risk for fatigued / distracted driving with triggered alarm sounds that keep your drivers alert.

Set a New Standard for Fleet Safety Protocol

Eliminate other multitasking behaviors like eating while driving which can also increase your accident chances ten fold.

Identify and Coach At-Risk Drivers within Your Fleet

Recorded video of distracted driving events can be used to train your drivers and further improve fleet safety.

No Contract Plans Whatsoever

You are not locked in to any long-term, multiple-year fleet tracking contracts and can cancel service at any time.

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Nuclear Verdicts Are on the Rise. Don’t Become Another Fleet Statistic.

Nuclear verdicts refer to any settlement over $10 million and are becoming more common among fleet accidents that involve fatalities. Since most of these outcomes are the direct result of negligent behavior on the fleet driver’s part, maintaining driving safety standards becomes your utmost priority.


Distracted Driving Camera Footage Examples

All it takes is one second of looking down at your phone or dozing off while driving to cause an accident that can deal permanent damage to your company’s reputation. With the intervention of your cameras, we can help prevent accidents that can end in tragedy and deal permanent damage to your company’s reputation.

  • Alarm noises can wake up drivers if they begin to fall asleep at the wheel

  • Receive instant notification of any distracted or drowsy driving events occur

  • All distracted driving events are recorded and available for instant download


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