Dual Dash Cam Systems

We have different camera setups and features for fleet monitoring based on vehicle type and other specific needs


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Our Dual Dash Cam is the Truck Camera System You Need

When a critical event or accident occurs, you need the full story—and you need it in living color. With our dual dash cam multi-camera systems you get a truck camera system fully in line with the latest ELD compliance. What’s more, you also get the integrated technology and features of a mobile DVR.

Your business intelligence is only as strong as the data that backs it. As a fleet manager, seeing through your driver’s eyes is powerful intel. This new frontier for a vehicle camera system turns trucks into mobile communication units and cuts costs and driver risk management.

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The Road to Safety is Paved with Data

Your job as a fleet manager is hard enough without having to second guess the facts. A multi-camera system from HD Fleet is among the first truck camera systems to put you in the driver’s seat along with your trucker.

Imagine being able to see through your driver’s eyes and know what’s going on inside and outside the vehicle at all times, IN real-time. When you have our vehicle camera system, you have access to limitless driver data, empowering you to run a safer, more efficient fleet.

At HD Fleet, we have one of the first true GPS tracking cameras for fleet monitoring so you can retrieve real-time information on demand. We offer multiple camera setups including a dual dash cam system so you can know what’s going on from every angle.


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Benefits of Using Road Facing Cameras as your Fleet’s Vehicle Camera System

When you use HD Fleet’s dual dash cam as your truck camera system, you get reports backed by real-time footage. Our road facing cameras offer continuous video of your driver’s trips. You get a full view of everything happening on the road that you can access anytime from our secure cloud-based servers. Our road facing cameras also record what happens before, during and after an incident, making a continuous video stream of:

  • Driver’s road view

  • Vehicle location

  • Accident impact force

  • Driving speed, acceleration, braking, steering

The vehicle camera system evidence protects the fleet and everyone involved from many of the issues faced on the roads today:

  • Insurance fraud

  • Staged accidents

  • False or exaggerated claims

  • Conflicting reports

  • Driving allegations

Safe driving saves lives and money. Fleet managers using a dual dash cam report benefits such as:

  • Driver behavior improvements

  • Decreased accident rates

  • Rapid and accurate claim resolution

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Why Does Your Truck Camera System Need a Driver Facing Camera?

A major benefit of driver facing cameras is helping exonerate a fleet after an accident, which avoids exorbitant litigation fees. But the biggest reason is safety. Safer fleets are a result of competent drivers and that can come from education about better driving skills. Our cameras proactively alert drivers and provide fleet managers with instant, actionable information to better coach them.

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Run the Safest Fleet Possible

With HD Fleet’s dual dash cam system you can access real-time video information with exact timing and location data directly from our vehicle camera system. Our driver facing cameras show your drivers at the wheel to ensure they’re following safety protocols. This is important for developing safety classes and preventing accidents from:

  • Distracted driving

  • Cell phone use

  • No seatbelt use

Video footage opens a dialogue between fleet managers and drivers, leading to improved accountability and behavior awareness. Managers and fleet owners can use data from driver facing cameras to:

  • Observe problem habits

  • Intervene

  • Reinforce safety principles

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Almost 450,000 Trucks Crash in the U.S. Every Year

Technology is at the foundation of driver safety, reducing risk and making roads safer. Your drivers face dangers on the road daily and having dual cam dash video footage on hand is mandatory for minimizing losses for everyone involved.

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Protect Your Drivers, Protect Your Fleet

Reports indicate an estimated 80% of truck-car accidents are caused by car drivers. Yet truck drivers are generally held liable, with lawsuits averaging $100,000. Video footage can help protect against:

  • Insurance fraud

  • Staged accidents

  • False or exaggerated claims

  • Poor driving habits / behaviors

  • No witnesses

  • Distraught drivers

  • Conflicting reports

  • Insurance hikes


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High Resolution Monitors for Dual Dash Cam Fleet Management

  • Heavy duty design

  • Crisp 720p resolution

  • Simultaneous, multiple display camera feed

  • Blind spot clarity

Our 720p incident cameras feature a tamper-resistant design and come standard with 3G connectivity and unlimited storage for video footage on our secure, cloud-based servers. With our vehicle camera system, you can access live video feeds as well as footage from previous trips.

See Things You Couldn’t See Before

At HD Fleet, we offer a single source solution for dual dash cam video monitoring that offers more features and convenience than you have ever seen in a truck camera system.

The ability to ride along with your drivers can enhance safety programs, reduce claims, lower insurance premiums and more. Our cameras let you maintain the advantage needed to improve your fleet’s safety while effectively targeting improvements through enhanced driver engagement.

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


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