Fleet Tracking Dashcams for Emergency Services

Optimize ambulance routes, review driver footage and manage your ambulance fleet with real-time GPS


Reduce Accident Liability with GPS Tracking Cameras

Ambulance drivers must not only must reach their destinations as fast as possible, but also provide crucial emergency care in life threatening situations.  Since ambulance drivers are lawfully permitted to speed and run red lights, the chance for an accident occurring is increased ten fold.

GPS Cameras Have a Proven Reduction of Accident Frequency

  • Interior driver and exterior road footage combined with GPS / speed data and audio recordings provide concrete evidence in accident claims

  • Route optimization helps drivers reach their destination faster and safer

  • Cloud storage lets you access footage from your drivers’ previous trips


What Happens When an Ambulance Vehicle is in An Accident?

Emergency vehicle accidents, while rare, still do occur. With ambulances causing around 2,600 injuries a year, emergency vehicles are generally exonerated from lawsuits based on the facts of the case AND THE DRIVER’S BEHAVIOR. With GPS tracking cameras on your side, you will always be able to verify your drivers were acting within the bounds of their authority and exercising caution where needed.

Be notified of a Code 3 in a heartbeat anytime your ambulance’s sirens are activated.

Alarm input triggers can be connected from our cameras to your ambulance’s emergency lights / sirens so you can instantly be notified of a vehicle dispatch. You can then view footage of the trip as it happens in real-time using our live stream features.

Other Camera Benefits:

The New Standard in
GPS Fleet Management

Our video telematic GPS tracking interface was built from the ground up with cameras in mind. Our system aims to make pulling up footage or periodically checking in on your drivers the easiest process possible. Whether it’s taking driver snapshots, generating GPS reports or live streaming your driver’s route, all of our features can be accomplished with just a few clicks.


GPS Fleet Dashcam Application Screenshots

Pull up live driver footage, take snapshots of your drivers and generate GPS reports using our simple and intuitive interface

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


Evolve Your Fleet Management Operations with HD Fleet

At HD Fleet, we provide camera tracking systems to small, medium and large-sized fleets across the nation. Companies from all areas of the fleet industry are benefiting from the visual aid daschams provide. When you combine driver footage with GPS reports like hard braking, hard turning and speeding alerts, you get a clearer picture of how your drivers are handling themselves on the road and what areas they need to improve on.

If you are an ambulance company in need of route optimization as well as driver footage storage, call us today at (833) 433-5338 so we can schedule a demo of our systems and show you the difference GPS dash cams make in your daily operations. All of our tracking plans come with complete training on our systems in addition to on-going support as you need it. We will help you customize our interface to your fleet’s specific needs so you get the most out of our application.

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