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Real-time vehicle tracking solutions with live driver video


Fleet Management Solutions - video camera & software

Take Your Fleet Management Solutions to the Next Level with GPS + Video

Our fleet management solutions increase your vehicles’ efficiency through our web-based application that includes a video feed to monitor your fleet. By adding live driver video to your fleet operations, HD Fleet’s management devices can provide even further insight to your daily operations while keeping your drivers safe and lowering accident-related costs. All of our vehicle tracking solutions feature month-to-month plans with no contracts.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions Benefits

  • Identify and train risky driving behaviors using driver footage

  • Improve delivery times through location reporting and route optimization

  • Archive all of your driver’s trips and access footage when needed


Fleet Management Solutions with Full GPS Tracking

Our cameras come complete with standard GPS tracking reports, so if you are looking for vehicle tracking solutions that also have a live video feed, we have you covered. Our Fleet Management Solutions will improve your driver safety, allow you to respond faster to your customers needs and help cut down on unnecessary fleet expenses. You can also integrate our Fleet Management Devices with other GPS reporting services such as IFTA Tax Reporting, Electronic Logging Devices and Fuel Card Programs to complete your tool set

Fleet Management Devices

Real-Time Fleet Management Devices from HD Fleet

The statistics are overwhelming: despite commercial fleet drivers generally NOT being found at fault in roadside accidents, many are still held LIABLE due to lack of evidence. With GPS tracking cameras from HD Fleet, you can protect your drivers from false or exaggerated claims while saving thousands of dollars in costly legal fees associated with accident costs. Here are the most popular Fleet Managment Devices we sell:

Road-Facing Camera

Literally see what your drivers see with one of HD Fleet’s most popular Fleet Management Devices – road-facing cameras. Use live footage of your drivers’ trips to analyze the road and archive events related to vehicle accidents and other unforeseen hazards.

Our road-facing cameras will record everything that happened before, during and after a road incident. Combined with other important data such as GPS location, impact force, audio recordings and driving speed, you will have all the evidence you need to resolve insurance claims in a fast and timely manner.

Driver-Facing Camera

Driver-facing cameras help you improve fleet safety even further by proving your drivers were acting within safety guidelines in the event of an accident. You can verify your employees were wearing their seatbelt, had both hands on the steering wheel and were not texting while driving during the incident.

Furthermore, our camerasĀ  take periodic snapshots of your drivers throughout the duration of their trip so you can review their driving habits and take action accordingly. Add to this a full suite of GPS management reports and you have one of the most complete Fleet Management Solutions on the market.

Multi-Camera Systems

Our multi-camera setup adds side and rear camera IN ADDITION to driver-facing and road-facing cameras. This suite of Fleet Management Devices are the ultimate combination to help coach and review dangerous driver behavior as well as provide visual aid for your drivers’ blind spots. Multiple camera views can catch more angles of a roadside accident so you have further video evidence on hand to provide to your insurer.

A multi-camera setup is also hugely effective as a theft deterrent. If your vehicle is vandalized or broken into, the cameras on both the inside / outside of the vehicle will be able to capture the perpetrator on video and help authorities further the investigation process along. Our multi-camera setups have helped fleet managers across the country recover their expensive stolen equipment and fortify their fleet’s security making our Fleet Management Devices an integral part of any Fleet Management Solution. If you need vehicle tracking solutions coupled with the added benefit of live video, you can’t beat our Multi-Camera Systems approach.

Protect and Exonerate Your Drivers with HD Fleet’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Fleet drivers on average travel anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 miles per year which INCREASES their chance of being involved in a roadside accident. With the average incident costing fleet managers an upwards of $140,000, it is crucial to have video evidence on hand to mitigate costly legal fees.

Protect and Exonerate Your Drivers with Video Evidence

Driver benefits of GPS tracking cameras include:

vehicle tracking solutions

High Resolution Monitors for
Multi-Cam Setups

We offer heavy duty, high resolution monitors that can display multiple camera feeds at once. Perfect for freight truck drivers needing to check their blind spots.


We Offer No Contract GPS Tracking Plans

No multiple year plans necessary. Leasing options are available upon request. Contact your HD Fleet rep today.

vehicles with tracking solutions


Simple and Intuitive Interface

Our simple and intuitive interface has been designed with video in mind so you can access your driver footage within seconds. Our Fleet Management application is fully customizable and can also be tailored to your business’s unique requirements.

Below are samples of our interface showing how you can pull up live video, snapshots and more:

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


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