Fleet Safety Program

HD Fleet’s GPS cameras and driver footage are the cornerstone Fleet Safety Solutions you need to establish an effective Fleet Safety Program


Fleet Safety Program Screenshot

Our GPS Cameras are the Fleet Safety Equipment you need to train Your Drivers in Accident Avoidance

Fleet accidents can cost your company big time (on average around $70,000). Without a formal driver safety program, you are putting your drivers AND business at risk. HD Fleet’s GPS cameras are the essential Fleet Safety Equipment that can help you design a safety program that will help establish ongoing training for your drivers and improve your overall operations.

GPS Tracking Camera Features

  • Record driver footage which can be accessed from vehicle trail history

  • View live video streams of your drivers to check in on their activity daily

  • Review driver snapshots to make sure seat belts are always worn and hands are on the steering wheel


Always Keep You Fleet Safety Program Up to Date

Your fleet safety program should always be thorough and detailed. Being able to instantly identify any driver who gets behind the wheel and assess / coach their statistical driving behavior is key to establishing your company’s safety work culture. Our GPS cameras should be an essential part of your Fleet Safety Solutions.

Fleet Safety Solutions

GPS Tracking Cameras Help You with Accident Reporting Procedures

Simply put, video evidence of a roadside accident – no matter how major or minor – will make or break your driver’s liability. This can have a huge impact on reducing accident costs as well as your insurance premiums.

Other Driver Safety Benefits Include:

Fleet Safety Equipment

Dashcams with NO CONTRACTS and FULL GPS

Fleets across the country and abroad are adopting GPS dashcam technology as essential Fleet Safety Equipment that directly improves their bottom line. Driver footage can help you further optimize your operations by giving visual insight to your fleet’s daily activity. And best of all, we have NO CONTRACT plans!


HD Fleet Application Screenshots

Our GPS Cameras are part of Fleet Safety Solutions Fleet Managers rely on to optimize operations. Below are screenshots of our GPS application where you can view driver snapshots, access live video and review driver footage:

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


Establish an Effective Fleet Safety Program Today

Downtime is the worst thing that can happen to a business, which is why accident avoidance training should be a fleet manager’s utmost priority. Your fleet safety program must always be relevant and engaging to resonate with your drivers and influence their driving habits. Using driver footage of your own employees for performance reviews and training videos from our Fleet Safety Solutions can have a huge impact on driver behavior and encourage a more positive safety culture within your fleet.

Call us today at (833) 433-5338 to learn about our different Fleet Safety Equipment camera setups and which plan would be best suited to your business’s unique needs. With live video streaming, vehicle trail footage history and driver snapshot galleries, HD fleet’s cameras are the perfect way to evolve your fleet management operations. We also feature ELD / IFTA integration options so you can have all of your fleet tracking tools on a single platform.

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