GPS Integration for Tracking Cameras

Open API integration for GPS, ELD, IFTA and more


Like Your Current Provider? YOU CAN STILL ADD OUR CAMERAS!

FULL INTEGRATION means you can add your current GPS tracking to HD Fleet’s interface so you have Electronic Logging Devices, diagnostics, and other reports you’re familiar with in addition to our LIVE FOOTAGE FEATURES.

  • Using GPS data and video gives you a full view of your fleet’s operations

  • Manage ELD with driver footage for better compliance and CSA scores

  • Visually confirm drivers are wearing their seatbelts with both hands on the steering wheel

Redefine GPS Fleet Management with Live Driver Footage

What is One Thing Basic GPS Cannot Do? Exonerate Your Drivers from an Accident!

With truck drivers found LIABLE for roadside accidents more often than not, HAVING VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE INCIDENT IS CRUCIAL to proving your innocence and saving your fleet countless of dollars in expenses.

All of Your Footage is Stored on Our Cloud Server 

If your camera unit is ever damaged, don’t fret — your footage and driver snapshots are all securely stored on our cloud servers and can be accessed at ANY TIME by date, trip, and driver.


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