How Our Camera Tracking Systems Work

Our GPS tracking cameras come complete with GPS location reporting and the ability to capture evidence footage that can exonerate your fleet from fault or be used for driver safety programs.


GPS Camera Setup and Reporting

HD Fleet’s GPS tracking cameras feature interior and exterior cams that allow you to access live video feeds as well as footage from previous trips for a visual aid to accompany traditional GPS tracking.

In addition,  all of your footage is securely stored on our servers and can be accessed at any time.

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports

What Happens When an Accident Occurs?

In the event of a roadside accident, our systems will notify you of the incident so you can instantly login and see what happened before being told.

1. Collision Detected

Anytime there is a shock absorption to the vehicle the camera will set off an alert

2. User Notified

Our systems will notify you of the event through our interface or text message

3. Review Footage

You can then view the footage to see if an accident occurred and save it to your computer


Full Suite of GPS Reports

Our interface features all of the standard location reports associated with GPS tracking as well as the ability to integrate your current GPS provider with our camera systems.

Look up Footage from Vehicle Trails

View footage from ANY POINT during a driver’s trip using vehicle trails. All of your footage is stored securely on our cloud servers for easy access.

  • Request trip footage based on date, driver AND vehicle

  • Filter out trip footage based on types of driver events

  • View vehicles’ media history of  recent snapshots / videos

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