Insurance Savings with GPS Cameras

HD Fleet’s GPS tracking cameras give you the perfect set of tools to manage driver risk and defend against expensive and increasing insurance premiums


40% of Claims are Disputed. We Reduce that to Less than 8%

The best way to win a claim dispute when you know the accident was not your driver’s fault is to HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE OF THE INCIDENT. Driver footage shows what happened BEFORE, DURING and AFTER an accident so you can exonerate your drivers and save on settlement costs.

GPS cameras also help you avoid accidents in the first place by reducing risk through visual confirmation of your drivers’ performance.

Defend Against Staged Accidents

Staged accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. Don’t be a victim!

Resolve Insurance Claims Faster

Resolve contested claims so you can focus on your business

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

You can lower your insurance premiums up to 10% with cameras

Run a Safer Fleet with GPS Cameras

Visually monitor your drivers throughout their daily trips

Immediately Be Notified if an Accident Occured!

Don’t Wait to be Told! Review Footage to See What Happened Yourself!

If there is ever a shock absorption to the GPS camera unit, you will receive an alert through your dashboard or email / text so you can log in to our systems review the driver footage right away. All of your footage is searchable by date, driver, trip and more.


Your Footage Is Always Safe with Us

Unlike a normal dashcam, if your GPS tracking camera is ever damaged in an accident you can still access the footage on our Microsoft Azure cloud servers where all of your video is securely stored and easily accessible. Footage can be downloaded directly to your computer from our interface or emailed to you and corresponding parties in small-sized mp4 files.


Visually Track Your Fleet in Real Time with GPS Cameras

Our GPS tracking cameras give you more than simple coordinates to work with by adding live video feeds to your fleet management tool set.

  • We are a no contract company with leasing packages available

  • Review random snapshots taken throughout your drivers’ routes

  • Easy-to-use interface. Access your videos in just a few clicks!

  • Videos are recorded in crystal clear 720p for full clarity

  • Extra features include audio recording and a driver panic button


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