5G fleet management

Technology is advancing so quickly that most of us cannot even comprehend it. It’s so ingrained in our daily lives, we take all of this progress for granted. Yet, although technology has become an integral part of the way we do business, the jump to 5G will have a deeper impact than anything in more than 10 years — especially in the 5G fleet management industry.

Businesses across the globe have been preparing for the transition to the 5G next-generation network and the trucking industry is no exception. Any industry with fleets is bracing for a shift that will transform the sector in many beneficial ways.

According to data from CTIA, 5G will be 100 times faster than 4G LTE, advancing a digital revolution in fleet management, bolstering communications between people, products, and networks. 5G capabilities will also deliver remarkably higher data rates, faster response times, greater cost and energy savings, endless system capacity, and monumental device connectivity.

How 5G Fleet Management will Benefit from Real-Time Data

The 5G buzz revolves around a bigger data pipeline, which will power a vast expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT). Further, higher speeds and lower latency will make transformative technology like autonomous vehicles commonplace. Expanded data availability, combined with real-time interpretation and the ability to act on it, has the potential to transform the fleet management industry.

Digital technology on the road provides fleet management with efficiencies, visibility, and control that have bolstered profitability and strengthened business like never before. The millions of truck drivers who already interact using their smartphones for freight exchanges, communications, and payments, will notice a tremendous uptick in speed when 5G networks become the norm.

The 5G network will even work incredibly fast in high-demand areas with a dense concentration of users. Connectivity will be up to five times more responsive, with minimal network delays. Fleet managers can look forward to:

  • Increased productivity and performance

  • Incredibly fast speeds even in densely populated areas

  • The connection of everything, supporting the IoT

5G Fleet Management Will Unleash Bigger Savings

With current technologies paving the way for AI-powered vehicles, infrastructure, and products, industry insiders believe that 5G networks could be the catalyst for unparalleled transformation in an already booming sector of trucking, fleets and logistics. The impact on efficiencies in fleet management is expected to be unrivaled, leading to end-to-end real-time visibility and connection.

When 5G is fully rolled out, it will have the potential to revolutionize the freight sector. It will reinforce and stabilize the current digital framework that supports the industry and advance its capabilities, efficiencies and speed.

When added to existing network architectures, 5G technology can increase visibility and control of transportation systems and improve performance on mobile and handheld devices. The technical improvements from 5G — faster data speeds, reduced latency and improved network slicing — will give fleet managers thorough, fast transparent data, which will translate into savings of time, fuel, maintenance and more.