Reduce Fleet Costs

Run a safer fleet with GPS cameras to avoid costs related to vehicle collisions, insurance premiums and more


Drive Safe and
Improve Your Bottom Line

With the average cost of a vehicle collision costing fleet companies an excess of $140,000, accident avoidance is key to preventing these detrimental expenses. With GPS tracking cameras from HD Fleet, you can monitor and train your drivers to exercise the utmost caution while on the road.

Stream Live Video and Record Accident Footage

  • Access live interior and exterior video of your drivers out on the road

  • Record accident footage to use as evidence in injury claims

  • Review periodic snapshots to verify seatbelt use and prevent distracted driving


Minimize the Losses of an Accident with GPS Tracking Cameras

There is no way to avoid an accident entirely, so when a vehicle collision does occur it is important to mitigate those costs wherever possible. HD Fleet’s cameras let you record and archive crucial video evidence to use when there are conflicting reports in accident cases

Save 10% or more on unnecessary fuel expenses using our standard GPS reporting features

Idling engines can cost fleet managers between $5,000 and $12,000 in fuel per truck, per year. Save on unnecessary fuel costs by using HD Fleet’s traditional tracking capabilities to put an end to bad and wasteful driving habits.

Our Camera Tracking Systems Come with No Contracts

We will never lock you in to a multiple year contract when you use our GPS cameras. We earn your business month-to-month by providing top tier customer support and ongoing training as our systems evolve.


Easy-to-Use Tracking Interface

Below are some samples of our tracking interface. You can access live video streams, review archived driver footage and view recent snapshots of your drivers

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


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In addition to helping you exonerate your business from costly legal fees associated roadside accidents, GPS tracking cameras also let you identify problematic driving behaviors which cause accidents in the first place.

If you can avoid just ONE lawsuit, then the money saved from accident settlements could pay for our system 10 TIMES OVER. On top of that, our full suite of GPS reporting features give you the ability to cut fuel costs, save on vehicle maintenance and improve your fleet’s productivity through faster delivery times. If you are interested in receiving a free demo of our systems, give us a call at (833), 433-5338 or fill out the form below so we can show the difference live driver video makes in your daily operations.


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