One crash is all it takes. When Carney Trucking Company, a flatbed freight carrier, was involved in a roadside accident last year, they could have never foreseen the drastic spike their insurance rates would incur. David Carney, one of the owners of the family business, stated that insurance for his company rose from $340,000 to over $700,000 in just one year.

“We had a major accident last year. Once we got the insurance quote, we tried to make it work, but we just couldn’t.”

Started in 1983, Carney Trucking Company had around 41 fleet drivers. As of July 31st, 2019, the company has ceased operations altogether. Carney said most of his employees have moved on and found other jobs at this point.

According to the SAFER Web website, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reported the vehicle fleet had been involved in a fatal crash in the last 24 months on top of three additional crashes in the past 2 years.

“I didn’t do anything wrong with the company. It’s the way the government has this new grading system that is affecting a lot of companies. If there’s a situation on the road where a car comes off the on-ramp and bumps into a tractor trailer, until that claim is settled, the insurance company charges a company with that claim.”

Carney also states falling freight rates took a toll on his business. “These rates are ridiculous. The shippers and receivers are adding to it.”

Protect Your Reputation with Fleet Tracking Cameras from HD Fleet

With trucking company shutdowns on the rise, having a fleet tracking dashcam solution in place is mandatory to maintaining a good CSA score and keeping your insurance premiums low. GPS cameras are helping companies across the nation exonerate their drivers from false claims while speeding up the claims process so they can keep their operations running smoothly.

Below are footage examples captured by our dashcams that were used as evidence in conflicting reports of road events:

Fleet tracking cameras can also improve driver safety by detecting distracted / drowsy driving:

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It is our goal to protect your drivers against the ever-increasing risks facing fleets today. The threat of just one accident being able to put a company out of business should be a wake-up call to operation managers across the board. Whether you are looking to train your drivers in accident avoidance or prove their innocence in the event of driver fraud, GPS cameras can help you run a safer fleet while saving you HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS in legal fees and insurance costs alone. Our tracking interface also offers traditional GPS tracking with a full suite of reports for you to manage your fleet with.

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