Future of Fleet Safety

Are you looking to increase transparency and improve your fleet’s productivity? The right GPS dash cam system with a Controller Area Network (CAN bus) interface enables fleet managers to glean key insights on drivers’ behavior behind the wheel.

Fleet owners, managers and dispatchers can tap real-time data to seamlessly manage workflow and ensure legal compliance related to drivers’ working hours and break times. Targeted data collection also empowers managers to take action that can lead to tighter cost control.

With a deep dive into the data, you can unearth new avenues instrumental to efficiency and productivity. When integrated with your time process management system, the data can be analyzed to save even more time and money.

Powering Potential with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) has changed fleet management for the better and is forecasted to be a $16.8 billion market by 2025. While every industry vertical has benefited from AI and IoT, the logistics and transportation sector has seen some of the most dramatic innovations that reap immediate benefits.

Predictive fleet management and maintenance software trigger vast amounts of data that dispatchers can use to improve operations. Over time, AI and the IoT will revolutionize every aspect of driving — navigation, voice commands, autonomy, safety, and security.

Powering Safe Driving with Cutting Edge Technology

Operational inefficacies that have plagued the fleet management industry are being solved thanks to AI and the IoT. Telematics and cloud computing have fueled AI-powered solutions for fleet management, making it easier for dispatchers and managers to identify risks and opportunities in advance.

Having the data to drive your decisions means no more guesswork and assumptions, no more taking trucks out of rotation unnecessarily. The latest GPS dash cams incorporate high-quality dual-lens cameras, WiFi connections, and CAN bus integration for vehicle telematics. Further, AI tools can even help prevent accidents and assess blame if something does go wrong.

Powering Efficiency Through Data Collection and Analytics

Through GPS tracking and a CANbus interface, you will always have at your fingertips valuable technical data from the engine and fuel tanks. Real-time tachograph data will inform you when it is time for maintenance and will let you know if there was excessive idling. With real-time data, you will always know what is going on in and around your fleet.

Hardware innovations combined with AI, telematics, and big data are powering the newest dash cam solutions. You will gain deeper data insights — including real-time and historical reports — that will improve the safety and efficiency of the vehicles in your fleet.

By equipping your fleet with a GPS dash cam solution with high definition video and an infrared LED night vision camera, you will always have a clear view of events. Video can help assign blame in the event of an accident or insurance dispute, and can capture risky driver behavior like cell phone use, smoking, or driver fatigue.