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Best Video Dash Cam for Commercial Fleets and Trucks

When you have trucks driving 24/7 in all types of weather and road conditions, there are a multitude of unforeseen circumstances that can cause an accident. A close call on the highway can go in anyone’s favor, so you want to make sure you know exactly what happened. With the right video dash cam, you can capture the video that you and your drivers need to protect your business from the uncertainty of the road.

A truck dash cam makes your job as a fleet supervisor that much easier. You no longer have to guess what happened. A video dash cam from HD Fleet lets you see through your trucker’s eyes.

Our commercial dash cam lets you harness the power of real-time video on demand. We have one of the first true GPS tracking video systems that empowers you to run a safer, more efficient fleet.

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Our Truck Video Dash Cam Fuels Smart Fleet Business

Context is important for harsh driving events. Imagine being able to view a real-time video exactly when unsafe driving occurs. Being an eyewitness will help you better understand what happened before, during and after a driving incident, providing you with solid evidence in the event of a false claim.

With a commercial dash cam, your fleet becomes a mobile communication unit that can cut costs and improve risk management. Fleet owners are increasingly turning to video dash cams to lower expenses, protect drivers and defend their business from lawsuits.

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Road Facing Video Dash Cam Protects You and Your Driver

The dash cam industry is quickly evolving. More fleet owners and managers are not asking if they should have a commercial video dash cam – they are asking what kind they should have. With HD Fleet’s smart video technology, you will always know how severe a road event was and whether it was dangerous. You will also know if there was an actual collision. Benefits of a road facing video dash cam include:

  • Seeing what happens during a critical event

  • Enhancing driver coaching programs

  • Improving fleet safety

  • Potentially lowering insurance rates

  • Reducing false claims

Video dash cam evidence protects your business, your driver and your fleet. Footage from a truck video dash cam gives you the ability to see what went on during an event so it can later be used for safety training. These videos can be a priceless addition to your fleet training for both new drivers and those needing a refresher course on best practices.

  • Technology can exonerate drivers in accidents

  • Reduction in hard braking, sudden accelerations, sharp turns

  • Substantial improvement in safety performances

  • Improved estimates regarding arrival

  • See video footage alongside fleet data

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Why Does Your Fleet Need a Driver Facing Truck Dash Cam?

Driver-facing video can be invaluable when investigating a crash because it shows if the driver was alert at the time and if he or she took proper action to try and avoid the crash. Real-time video footage will also help exonerate a driver and the company following an accident, which helps avoid exorbitant litigation fees. When an accident occurs involving a commercial vehicle, the driver is typically the first to take the fall. Having video dash cam evidence is the only definitive way to prove their innocence. With HD Fleet’s GPS tracking cameras , you can access exact timing and location data directly from your commercial dash cam.

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Live Stream Your Drivers’ Daily Activity

Having a truck dash cam that captures accidents and near-misses is an invaluable part of any safety program. But you also need our driver facing cameras to show your drivers at the wheel to ensure they’re following safety protocols. This is important for developing safety classes and prevent accidents from:

  • Driver fatigue

  • Distracted driving

  • Cell phone use

  • No seat belt use

Video footage opens a dialogue between fleet managers and drivers, leading to improved accountability and behavior awareness. Manager and fleet owners can use data from driver facing cameras to:

  • Build a culture of safety

  • Incentivize safe driving

  • Create driver reward programs

  • Reinforce safety principles

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Video Dash Cams can reduce crashes by 20% and injury crashes by 35%

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What to Look For in a Commercial Dash Cam Package

Having video can change the way you operate by helping you make every hour of each day more productive. Dash cam footage can easily expose operational blind spots and provide proof whenever it’s needed. You’ll not only have evidence in the event of an accident, but you’ll also be able to shin a spotlight on potential revenue opportunities. Equipping your fleet with a dash cam is a worthwhile investment whether your main goal is to:

  • Protect yourself in case of an accident

  • Keep your drivers on schedule

  • Stay connected and minimize downtime

  • Eliminate fraud attempts on your business

  • Hold your drivers accountable

  • Decrease the risk of a Department of Transportation audit

  • Coach unsafe drivers

  • Reduce your insurance premiums

But which commercial dash cam should you buy? What features and specs should you look for in a truck dash cam? Overall, you want a system that will maximize safety, prevent collisions, improve compliance, and reduce expenses.

The technology we offer at HD Fleet analyzes the road and your driver’s behavior in real-time. By sending instant alerts to drivers and actionable insights to managers, our intelligent cameras improve driver safety and lower fleet costs. All of your footage is securely stored on our servers and can be accessed at any time.

  • Wide sight line and field of view

  • Ability to transmit directly to a single-source

  • Mobile, email and desktop alerts when new video footage is available

  • Ability to seamlessly access the right information with just a few clicks

  • Video categorization by severity of the event

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HD Fleet Offers the Better Route to Visibility

With our cloud-connected continually recorded dash cam video, you will capture critical incidents, both on the road and in the field. Our modern and intuitive user interface delivers a unified workflow experience for both your driver and your back office.

  • High resolution

  • High simultaneous feed

  • Blind spot clarity

Modern telematics solutions have a proven ability to provide visibility, improve productivity, lower operational costs and drive rapid positive ROI. You’ll get immediate and long-term benefits like:

  • Staying on schedule

  • Reduced costs

  • Better team and vehicle efficiency

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Reduce Insurance Claims

By using our video dash cam system for your fleet, you’ll get a myriad of benefits that will help you get a return on your investment. Eliminate:

  • Exaggerated accident claims

  • Sloppy driving habits

  • Insurance fraud

  • Conflicting reports


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Dash Cam Use Increases Your Fleet’s Efficiency

When you don’t know what’s really happening out in the field, it can mean missed opportunities, poor productivity and unnecessary costs. Dash cam technology from HD Fleet can help change that with a full 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.

Knowing what’s going on both in the vehicle and on the road means you can dispatch more efficiently and improve customer services. You’ll greatly reduce time spent calling drivers for updates. Our fleet tracking supports both small and large business fleets.

Fleet managers and business owners can quickly view the location of any truck, tractor, trailer or worker. With dash cam solutions from HD Fleet, you can monitor your daily operations and receive objective feedback on whether or not they are going as planned.

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The Real Cost of Fleet Accidents

Crashes, collisions, repairs and severe injuries can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars per incident. Besides property damage, fleet crashes result in lost productivity, lost revenue from missed sales calls, and potential third-party liability claims from an at-fault crash. Since most companies self-insure fleet vehicles and their employee drivers, the company pays these costs directly.

You can’t be out there with your drivers every day to make sure they are driving responsibly. HD Fleet’s commercial dash cam system is your answer to the uncertainty. It will equip you and your drivers with a pair of eyes on the road to document what really happens while also helping coach drivers en route with in-cab audio assistance.

We offer solutions that are very easy to use. All your driver needs to do is get in the vehicle! The mounted dash camera will take care of the rest.

Thanks to our sophisticated technology,, our integrated caeras will automatically connect and sync your driver with the vehicle, start and end trips on its own, and upload recorded videos to the cloud and web platform.

Monitor Driver Behavior and Vehicle Health

You’ve invested a forture into your company vehicles and the employees who drive them. By providing your business with insight and reporting on driver conduct, vehicle location, and other related activity, our video dash cam technology will take your fleet operations to the next level.

  • Accident Monitoring. Protect your company from liability in the event of an accident or incident.

  • Protect Employees. False claims about an employee’s driving habits or behavior can be countered with recorded footage.

  • Keeps employees honest. Live GPS tracking can monitor the location of your vehicles at all times while tracking the driver’s speed.

  • Improve training and best practices.  Monitoring driving and behaviors will open insight as to how the company can continually improve and grow.

  • Ensure timely arrivals.  Monitor the time employees arrive at locations and monitor the loading and unloading process.

  • Protect Your Vehicles when Parked. Parking mode documents the vehicle when it’s unattended.

  • See and Hear. Capture sound to hear how employees speak to customers and how others interact with them.

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Protect Your Investments, Save Money, Reduce Liabilities

If you manage or own a fleet company, your most valuable assets are your drivers, vehicles, and cargo. Our cutting edge dash cam technology keeps an eye and ear on these assets while also recording crucial evidence from all important road events.

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The camera systems from HD Fleet are designed to be modular and fit your exact needs. Not only do we provide a whole lineup of hardware solutions, but our software can be configured to your specific recording and data needs. Our API can be seamlessly integrated into your existing GPS software.

Combining our video telematics with ELDs, IFTA tax, and dispatching capabilities can provide your business with a single platform for all your GPS tracking needs.

  • Proven reduction of accident frequency

  • Proven reduction to loss ratios

  • Improved driving behavior

  • Increased fuel economy

  • Defend against driving offense allegations

  • Mitigation of personal injury claims

  • Added theft deterrent

Now You Can See It Again and Again

Technology is at the foundation of driver safety. Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can enhance safety programs, reduce claims, lower insurance premiums and more. Our truck dash cam lets you maintain the advantage needed to improve your fleet’s safety while effectively targeting improvements through enhanced driver engagement.

With video footage available in real-time and on demand, you can easily build a culture of safety. Video evidence can help you develop effective driver coaching programs and lower CSA scores. It can also lead to driver exoneration, reduced litigation, and lower insurance rates.

Below are some screenshots of our application:

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


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