ELD Integration for GPS Dashcams

Add your current Electronic Logging Device provider to our GPS Tracking Cameras


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Coach High-Risk Drivers with the Help of ELD and GPS Dashcams

Our fleet dashcams add another level of safety on top of your current ELD provider for maximum ELD compliance. While we are not an ELD provider, we can seamlessly integrate with any Electronic Logging Device on the market. Driver footage and ELDs are a powerful combination that can modify bad driving behaviors and exonerate your drivers from fraudulent claims.

Use Cameras and ELD to Improve Your CSA Score

  • Use our dashcams to visually monitor driver behavior and curb bad habits accordingly

  • Prove your driver’s innocence in a claims dispute using road-facing / driver-facing camera footage as evidence

  • Use an FMCSA-certified E-Log provider to log hours of service and provide proper documentation to authorities when necessary to show proof of ELD mandate compliance


Know How to Avoid CSA Violations in the First Place

Now that full ELD mandate enforcement has begun for Electronic Logging Devices (started on April 1, 2018), maintaining a good CSA score is now more important than ever. Training your drivers on the most important violations while reinforcing safety protocols with HD Fleet’s dashcams can help your fleet avoid CSA fines and remain in operation.

eld mandate, eld devices, eld compliance HD Fleet

Better CSA Scores = Lower Insurance Premiums for Your Fleet

Running a safer fleet with GPS tracking cameras while remaining ELD compliant by using a reputable E-Log provider have proven to reduce insurance premiums by up to 10%

In addition, you also get the standard benefits of using our camera systems including:

All the Features of Fleet GPS Management with Live Driver Video

HD Fleet’s GPS tracking cameras set a new precedent for fleet management by offering you interior / exterior driver feeds of your vehicles PLUS a full roster of GPS tracking features.


Equip Your Fleet with ELD and GPS Cameras Today

Integrate HD Fleet’s GPS dashcams with any of our verified FMCSA-compliant E-log providers to maximize your fleet management operations and ensure ELD mandate compliance .  We offer month-to-month plans in addition to leasing options.

Once you schedule a demo, we will run you through our tracking interface and show how easy it is to access your video and snapshots with just a few clicks. Below are some screenshots of our application:

Live Footage

Driver Snapshots

Vehicle Trails

GPS Reports


Get in contact with a rep today to learn more about our cameras or choose from our list of approved ELD providers