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See what your drivers see with live driver footage from HD Fleet


tracking video camera HD Fleet

Our Tracking Video Camera Gives You Intelligent Transportation

Managing your fleet means staying on top of assets that are constantly moving. When you know where your vehicles are in real time, that is a surefire way to increase efficiency and productivity. The tracking video camera from HD Fleet helps companies like yours solve complex problems that result in improved productivity and a reduction of vehicle accidents and claims.

Vehicle video camera wit ha dual dash camera captures both the driver and the road, giving fleet managers the ability to train drivers based on real events. With our in dash video recorder, all of your fleet vehicles can be monitored remotely from a computer or mobile device. State of the art fleet management software allows the camera to record and log events based on speed, accidents, and GPS locations.

vehicle video camera HD Fleet

Equip Your Fleet for the Future with a Vehicle Video Camera

When a critical event or accident occurs, a tracking video camera ensures you get the full story about what happened. An in dash video recorder makes fleets safer by improving the skills your drivers have, leading to a reduction in highway mishaps.

  • Safety. A vehicle video camera improves vehicle safety by monitoring the vehicle’s speed and identifying dangerous driving habits.

  • Education. You can coach drivers and reduce speeding, accidents and liability.

  • Security. Prevent vehicle theft by monitoring the location of your vehicle 24 hours a day.

  • Efficiency. Keep drivers on task and monitor stop times.

  • Expenses. Reduce the cost of managing your vehicles by lowering labor, fuel, and maintenance.

  • Unauthorization. Prevent side jobs and personal errands by monitoring the vehicle’s location.


Tracking Video Camera Reinvents Fleet Management

When you use HD Fleet’s vehicle video camera, you not only get real-time footage, but detailed reports about what is happening. Our road facing cameras offer continuous video of your driver’s trips. You get a full view of everything happening on the road that you can access anytime from our secure cloud-based servers.

Our video services and cameras give you the ability to monitor a live video stream of your vehicles — anywhere they are , no matter what they’re doing. Features include:

  • Live video streaming anytime. Keep an eye on your fleet when you need to.

  • Event recording playback. Playback footage that is enacted when certain driving behaviors occur as defined by the fleet manager.

  • Cloud storage. Never miss an important event with unlimited video storage in the cloud.

in dash video recorder HD Fleet

HD Fleet is the Leader in Fleet Tracking Technology

If you manage a fleet, safety is on your mind. Keeping your fleet drivers safe is a main priority, as well as improving customer satisfaction and reducing unnecessary overhead. When you use a tracking video camera from HD Fleet, you can get fleet tracking cameras in one device.

You don’t want to have multiple systems in your vehicle — that can be costly and redundant. You also don’t want to login to multiple platforms — that can be confusing and difficult.

What if you could have a platform that would provide you with live streaming video, a full GPS tracking package and wifi uploads of events? Would this help you manage and maintain your fleet better?

tracking video camera HD Fleet

in dash video recorder HD Fleet

With our system, you can ride along and coach bad driving habits and run a safer fleet with less accident risk.

See immediate areas of improvement in:

  • Productivity

  • Fleet costs

  • Revenue

  • Customer service

  • Fleet safety

Digital Solutions Enhance Productivity, Reduce Expenses

The more you know about how your fleet operates, the better you can manage it. Labor and fuel are among the biggest overhead for fleet owners and among the first two expenses managers seek to curb with tracking video camera use. Fleet tracking will save on fuel costs, but the bigger savings is in labor.

vehicle video camera HD Fleet

Health Monitoring for Your Equipment and Vehicle

Connected smart construction vehicles and machines are among the basic elements ensuring faster, safer and, above all, more efficient operations on construction sites. You can expect these features from our vehicle video camera:

  • Heavy duty design

  • High resolution

  • Multiple display feed

  • Blind spot clarity

Be the Eyes and Ears of Your Fleet

When you’re considering how tracking video cameras can help you run a more profitable business, the most important aspects are implementation and maintenance. When you spend money on safety technology, it’s of key importance to have your drivers on board. You want to take the time to correctly introduce this new technology to your drivers and technicians. You can help them see how this benefits them as much as it does you.

tracking video camera HD Fleet

Move Your Business Forward Efficiently

When you use HD Fleet’s tracking video camera, you get a complete dashboard with a fleet-wide overview designed especially for fleet management. You will be able to take the driver’s seat using a cloud-based software solution in real-time that provides a 360-degree overview of your trucks and equipment. With this kind of insight, you will be able to streamline fleet operations with access to visual reports and analysis information.

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